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Draft a Premarital Agreement in New York

At Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C., our Long Island family law attorneys are passionate about helping you and your future spouse make thoughtful decisions about your future. We foster a comfortable environment in which you can work with your partner to write your prenuptial agreement. Our team prioritizes your comfort as you voice your concerns and secure your future.

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Why Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Person signing prenuptial agreementWe don't merely draft these documents in case the marriage ends. Prenuptial agreements also outline the financial expectations for the marriage itself. Walking you through these steps allows us to help you and your future spouse understand how you manage your money - which sometimes is not a common topic of conversation for almost-newlyweds.

You may wish to discuss your philosophies behind credit card use, expectations for your personally owned business, decisions regarding joint or separate bank accounts, and other money-based decisions.

You can use your prenuptial agreement for the following things:

  • Allocating marital or community property
  • Supporting your estate plan
  • Protecting the property you owned before marriage
  • Clarifying special agreements or arrangements you have with your spouse
  • Outlining procedures and rules for deciding how to resolve future disputes

By having a prenuptial agreement, you can avoid major legal disputes over your property and assets if you and your spouse decide to end the marriage.

    What You Can and Cannot Put in Your Agreement

    The court will dismiss any illegal terms you include in your arrangement. As your New York family law attorneys, we can comb through your draft to make sure it meets all the state criteria for legally binding arrangements. Certain non-financial items, such as child custody arrangements or household responsibilities, cannot be included in your agreement.

    Other items you may include in your prenuptial agreement:

    • Retirement plans
    • Investments
    • Inheritance and family heirlooms
    • Timeshares
    • Vehicles
    • Instructions for stepchildren
    • Plans for either spouse's debt

    Spousal Support in Prenups

    Including a spousal support provision clause in your prenup defines the amount of spousal support each spouse will be entitled to, should a divorce occur. This sort of provision can also be used to waive each spouses’ right to receive any spousal support at all.

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