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Prenuptial Agreements & Spousal Support in Divorce Cases

Spousal support paymentThe estranged wife of Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker is going after a substantial portion of his fortune, and because the actor did not have a prenuptial agreement in place, she just might be successful in her case.

Whitaker’s ex, Keisha Nash, filed her divorce response at the end of last year and cited that she will be seeking spousal support. According to court documents, the date of the couple’s separation was listed as “TBD.” The couple was married back in 1996 and never worked out a prenuptial agreement. Since their marriage, Whitaker has become a renowned Hollywood actor and has earned massive amounts of money from the many movies he appeared in throughout the past two decades.

People close to the couple say that their divorce negotiations are expected to be civil because Nash and Whitaker have two children and a long history together. Although the couple may be on good terms, Whitaker’s wealth remains vulnerable to Nash’s claim for spousal support.

Prenup Spousal Support

Including a spousal support provision clause in your prenup defines the amount of spousal support each spouse will be entitled to, should a divorce occur. This sort of provision can also be used to waive each spouses’ right to receive any spousal support at all.

Why Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you are getting married, you need to make a prenuptial agreement to protect your interests. You can use your prenuptial agreement for the following things:

  • Allocating marital or community property
  • Supporting your estate plan
  • Protecting the property you owned before marriage
  • Clarifying special agreements or arrangements you have with your spouse
  • Outlining procedures and rules for deciding how to resolve future disputes

By having a prenuptial agreement, you can avoid major legal disputes over your property and assets if you and your spouse decide to end the marriage.

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