Tips for Preventing Hospital Medical Malpractice & Harm

Although the hospital is the place you go to when you suffer an injury or become ill, the staff and doctors working at these facilities sometimes neglect the duties they owe to their patients. For instance, one of my clients once came to me distraught over the death of her 43 year old son. Unfortunately, my client’s son died of dehydration in a rehabilitation facility, even though she felt that something “just wasn’t right” with him and kept asking his doctors to help. If you’re wondering, what you can do while your loved one is in the hospital to prevent him or her from being injured due to medical malpractice, below are 5 tips:

#1: Be There For Your Loved One

If you have a loved one staying in the hospital, you and your other family members and /or friends should visit and stay with them as much as possible. Get to know the names of the nurses and doctors who are taking care of them and ask them questions about your loved one’s condition, so that you fully understand it.

#2: Write It All Down

Make a written list of your loved one’s medications, allergies, and unique issues such as dementia, blindness, or impaired hearing. Take a few copies of your list with you when you go to the hospital or emergency room so the caretakers have something to reference.

#3: Speak Up For Your Loved One

Ask to speak with the doctor about your hospitalized loved one’s progress whenever you visit them. If you are not getting satisfactory answers to your questions, or if you are unable to see the doctor despite making repeated requests to do so, immediately speak to the patient advocate at the hospital about the concerns you have regarding the care your loved one is receiving.

#4: Request a Meeting With Medical Providers

You have the right to request a team meeting with all of the medical providers involved with your hospitalized loved one’s care, this way you can fully understand the treatment plan that is being implemented.

#5: Talk to an Attorney

If despite all of your best efforts, you believe that your loved one was injured or died due to medical malpractice, gather all of their medical records and contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney to discuss what legal options are available to you.

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