Attorney Sandra Radna Speaks at Long Island Advancement of Small Business Meeting

Long Island Advancement of Small Business (LIASB) is networking association fully dedicated to helping local, small businesses on Long Island become the best business entities they can be. The group organizes a number of events and meetings each year to bring together small business owners, educate them about important legal and social updates in small business spheres, and generally encourage and support them. By being a part of LIASB, business owners can run their businesses more efficiently and feel more confident about the future.

Attorney Sandra Radna of Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C. has been part of LIASB since it was founded in October of 2009. She currently serves as the Vice President Counsel to the Corporation/Program Committee and a Board Member of the LIASB. Sandra recently spoke at a LIASB meeting to a room full of new, long-time, and prospective members. It proved to be an incredible opportunity for Sandra to share her insight and knowledge, both from her perspective as a Long Island attorney and one of the founders of her law firm.

The focus of her conversation with those in attendance was one of encouragement. Small businesses need to always be looking for new ways to improve, attract customers, and make a profit. The problem is it can be difficult to stay active and evolve while also trying to run a business. Sandra encouraged people to look for ways to innovate, to talk with other business owners in the community to share ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, be a part of LIASB. Networking is crucial in the small business world, and LIASB makes it happen.

Would you like to know more about Long Island Advancement of Small Business and Attorney Radna’s involvement with the organization? You can click here to visit the official LIASB website. Do you require a Long Island attorney for your family law case, divorce, or personal injury claim? Please feel free to contact the Law Offices of Sandra M. Radna, P.C. by dialing (631) 400-3342 at any time.